We partner with private companies and institutions to enable their employees to access financing using their salaries.

  • Copy of your National ID (Front and Back)

  • Passport Photo/Selfie

  • Latest one month Payslip

  • Apply from anywhere – Online loan application
  • Minimal Documents required
  • Quick processing within 2 hours
  • No CRB check
  • No upfront security
  • No guarantors
  • No account opening
  • No early settlement fees
  • No Debt Shaming
How it Works

1. Sign MOU with the Employer

Sign a formal agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership between Pivot and the partner company.

2. Staff Training on the loan product

Comprehensive training session for the employees of the partner company to familiarize them with Pivot’s loan products, covering key aspects such as application process, loan terms, and benefits, ensuring employees are well-informed and confident in utilizing the credit facility.

3. Employees apply for loans

Employees apply for loans seamlessly through designated channels.

4. Checkoff and Remittance

Implement a checkoff system where the agreed-upon loan installments are deducted directly from the employees’ salaries and remitted to Pivot on the agreed dates.


- Avoid diverting cash from your core business
- Avoid the hassle of managing salary advances and staff loans in-house
- Show your employees you care about their financial wellbeing
- Use the partnership as a benefit to attract and retain top employees.
- Help your employees avoid shylocks
- No legal obligation or liability in case an employee leaves employment for any reason.


- Access financing conveniently using only your payslip
- Avoid shylocks
- Access credit to boost your side hustle Minimal